Fix Damaged Outlook.pst File

  • Unique tool that can repair damaged Outlook PST files and resume the outlook emailing process.
  • Capable of restoring outlook attributes like Contacts, Inbox, Sent Items, Task etc after fixing the errors in Outlook file.
  • Software with strong built in features for repairing any severe damage on PST files.
  • Supports to fix damaged Outlook files which could not be done by Inbox Repair tool
  • Compatible to be downloaded and used on Windows versions such as Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008

Is your Outlook not responding?

With changing trends people have become more dependent on technologies to bring out their work to be easier. Today, people have become more reliable on fastest means of communications such as emailing and mobiles. Emailing is a process of sending and receiving messages through the network to any distance in a minute of time. There are many emailing clients available presently for this purpose. One among the popular client is Microsoft Outlook. Compare to other email clients Outlook has many additional attributes that can help you with many other tasks other than exchange of messages.

You can find that major industries today use Outlook to communicate their business deals. Therefore, they have to work in a constant manner without any failure. This never always happens so, you may come across different incidents where your Outlook stops working due to some errors. These errors are caused due to damage on PST files. Wondering what is PST file? PST file is a local file which stores all the data saved on Outlook. Without this file you can never imagine and Outlook working. When PST face damage the Outlook fails to respond to the user actions and makes the data from Outlook inaccessible. To fix damaged Outlook go for Repair Damaged Outlook software and access your data

Features of Repair Damaged Outlook Software

Repair Damaged Outlook as a powerful algorithm that can scan and find the root cause of the damage on PST file and fix corrupt Outlook in an effective way. You can use this software for

  1. Different versions of Outlook: Repair damaged outlook software supports repair on different versions of Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2010, 2007, 2000. These versions where released by Microsoft to satisfy the needs for customers with the growing trends. Hence, this software is developed with be compatible with all versions to fix corrupt outlook with any major problem to any corresponding version. You can use Outlook 2003 repair utility to fix and access its data. Once the problem is fixed you can preview the attributes in Outlook browser styled interface. Repair Damaged Outlook software can solve any problem and brings back your outlook in an active state

  2. Retrieving deleted items from outlook: At certain times, when a user finds lot of junk mails stored on Outlook he or she chooses certain useless mails and deletes them to save the PST memory size. Later on you find the same mails which you deleted were an important one. In such times this software can be helpful in retrieving them back for use. Deleting data from Outlook only make the email inaccessible but the data remains still on the storage device. You can delete an item by simply pressing delete option or shift delete option. This software helps to fix damaged Outlook and recover hard deleted items from Outlook and restore them back to its original position. To know more about rescuing your deleted items, visit here.

  3. Different errors found while accessing outlook: While working with Outlook you may encounter different forms of error which stops you from going further. You can fix most of the errors and resolve them in few minutes of your valuable time. These might be a impact of PST file corruption on Outlook. Therefore, by fixing damaged PST files with the use of this tool you will be enabled to access the Outlook data and the normal working is retained. Refer this Page to know how to fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0e which is a common type of error caused on Outlook as a result of different scenarios which causes PST corruption.

  4. Restore emails and other attributes on Outlook: In certain unfortunate times you may come across situations where you lose all your important emails. Outlook maintains a list of attributes each meant to store certain data on different operations. Emails when received are saved on Inbox folder and sent emails are stored on sent items for future reference. You may lose such emails for known or unknown reasons. There are chances that you may lose emails from attributes even due to PST file damage. PST file corruption can be a result of archiving a PST file to reduce the size occupied by PST removing all the unwanted data. With the use of the prominent tool you can repair Outlook 2007 archive file including all other versions and fix damaged Outlook and recover the emails lost.

  5. Recent Updates:

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