Repair Archive PST File in Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 was launched by Microsoft with features such as picture editing within messages we send, increased speed for search operation, easy integration with other Office software. They are basically used for communication purpose for professional needs. They are facilitated well with management tools that can find and sort any file based on its attributes.

When you look at Outlook 2007 you can find some folders like inbox, sent items, drafts etc. They have lot of significance in maintaining the sent and received mails. You also have a Deleted items folder that helps to rescue your mails from accidental deletion (If you have not found the deleted emails in deleted items folder, then probably you will get an idea about how to restore deleted emails from MS Outlook 2013 through this page - In industries communication of business information plays a very important role. Hence, all the messages are communicated through mails using Outlook. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain them well with constant working. But this can be a distant dream. Since, Outlook can fail at any point of time. It can be due to problems in PST file. PST file is one of the crucial file in outlook. They have a defined size. If they exceed about its size limit there is a possibility of PST damaged. Hence, to avoid this users perform a compression to reduce the size. But sometimes doing this also corrupts your PST file. To fix this a technically expert group has developed Repair Outlook software to bring you out of this drastic situation by fixing your archive file.

Some major reasons that lead to PST file corruption in Outlook 2007:

Wrong compression method: In some operating system you can find in built tools or techniques to compress your PST files in Outlook 2007. When a user attempts to compress the PST file using this techniques there possibility of landing up is PST damage. This happened when wrong steps are followed when doing it. Hence, we need to be very careful about carrying out compression of PST file. Due to wrong compression, there can be a possibility of losing mails in Outlook. To know how to recover lost emails, peek into the provided link.

Using inappropriate tool: There are different forms of software available in market that can help you out with PST file compression. Sometimes without having a proper knowledge best tool quality you may end up in selecting a wrong tool that can damage your PST files. So take a advice of a technical expert before you for a third party tool for zipping your PST file in outlook 2007

Compressing and then decompressing: Users perform some weird operations on PST file. They compress the PST file first and again try to decompress them. This to and fro actions can affect your archived PST file and damage them. This damage makes the data in Outlook 2007 inaccessible to users. You may face some errors while opening Outlook

Repair Outlook is a spell bounding software that can fix any problems related to the Outlook 2007 version PST files. However severe the damage might be this software can easily fix them without causing damage. You can restore hard deleted files on Outlook and, then you can preview them via Outlook browser style. Using this effective application, you can even repair an oversized PST file with ease. This software can even fix PST files of MS Outlook 2003. Refer more on Outlook 2003 PST repair.

Other the archive files it can fix PST files that are protected with passwords. The fixed PST files are created in Outlook 2003-2010 version for easy import. Follow this link to fix errors that are encountered when Outlook is accessed

Following steps explain how to repair Outlook 2007 archive:

Step 1: After installing the software on your computer, you can run it to start repairing Outlook 2007 PST file. On the main screen of the software, you will find three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

Outlook 2003 PST Repair utility - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the required option from the main screen to proceed further to repair Outlook 2007 archive PST file.

Repair Outlook 2007 archive file- Open PST Screen

Step 3: Now, choose the destination location where you want to save the fixed archive PST file, and the scan type. Then, click on "Repair" button.

Repair Outlook 2007 archive file - Choose Destination Location

Step 4: Once the repair process gets completed, you can preview repaired PST file items via Outlook style browser view. If you are satisfied with the result, then purchase the tool, and save repaired Outlook 2007 archive PST data to your desired location

Repair Outlook 2007 archive file- Preview Screen

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