App Backup on Android

Are you worried about losing your crucial Android applications? Then here is the right solution for you to back up all Android applications. In this fast moving world, it is necessary to be safe than regretting after encountering any accidents. For an instance, you may lose your data from Android device by inadvertently tapping on an option to restore factory settings. This may happen to anyone at any time and you can be free from data loss if you have backup of data of important apps. You can restore them whenever you want.

How to backup Android Apps?

There is no inbuilt feature on Android for backing up your Apps. Therefore you need to rely on some third party software as you can hardly backup any data on your phone. Only some data on inbuilt app of Android device like Contacts and some selected media files can be backed up on your computers. Few Apps are available for backing up Android device applications. Some can be used on desktop and it backs up App data on your computers. You can install such applications on your PC and connect Android device to back up all or selected Apps on Android. What if the data is lost from PC? Yes, it is not the smart idea to back up your critical data on computers.

Some apps are available in Google Play store for backing up Android Apps on phone itself. If you install the App then you can save the copy of Apps that you want on your Android SD card. But SD cards may also be formatted or you may delete your backup of Apps. That is also not a reliable way. What can be done in such situations? You need to be choosy while picking the App for backing up Apps on your Android devices.

You need intelligent software which backs up Apps on inbuilt folder of your Android phone or tablet. Remo MORE is one such software for backing up Android Apps at the taps of your fingers.

Remo MORE to backup Android Apps:

Remo MORE software helps you to save your Android Apps easily. This tool provides you the option of saving selected applications or all of them on your Android phone or tablet. This program has simple wizard that can be understandable by even a novice user. This software also enables you to backup Bookmarks and Contacts. You can even manage other things on Android like compressing file, managing power and lock files and folders. This application can also perform data recovery, optimization and enhancement on your Android devices. Overall this is a one stop solution for all your data essentials. Get it for free in Google play store and be smarter to make most of it.

Simple procedure to perform App backup on Android:

Step 1 – Download Remo MORE software and install it on your Android device. Run the program and tap on “Manage” option to get the screen as shown in Figure 1. Then select “Backup & Restore” option from the screen.

Backup Android Apps - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2 – Next screen will appear as shown in Figure 2. Select “Apps” from the screen.

Backup Android Apps - Backup & Restore Main Screen

Figure 2: Backup & Restore Main Screen

Step 3 – You will get the option to backup all apps or selected app. If you select backing up all apps then you will get the screen as shown in Figure 3. Then tap on “OK” to backup all Apps.

Backup Android Apps - Backup All Applications Confirmation

Figure 3: Backup All Applications Confirmation

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