Outlook PST File Compression

Being an Outlook user, do you want to compress your PST file to save memory space of your hard drive? If you are to say yes, then here’s a specialized tool which helps you to compress Outlook PST file easily. PST or Personal Storage Table file is an Outlook Data file that stores your entire Outlook mailbox items such as, email messages, Contacts, Calendars, appointments, tasks, distribution list etc. The storage size of MS Outlook mailbox grows by sending and receiving mails, creating folders to store contacts, calendar entries etc. When you delete some of the items from your Outlook Mailbox, its Outlook PST size might not decrease. All the deleted items go to the “Deleted Items” folder as a result, they are still stored in the file.

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An Outlook PST file has a size limit, which means it can’t store more data than its size limit. Hence, by compressing Outlook PST file you could leave them protected and less vulnerable to errors. The major advantage to perform outlook PST compression is that you gain a lot of memory space. As it is already mentioned, the storage capacity of Outlook PST file may get exceeded over the time. This is mainly because; you might have received lots of emails and created several events, notes etc. If you think that old emails and other Outlook data is not related to your present work but you need it for later use then you need to think of some other way where you can store those emails and other data and does not waste the storage capacity. The ever best way is to compress Outlook PST files that keeps your Outlook PST data as wells as save hard disk storage capacity.

It can also easily manage to deal with the oversized PST file problem. However, there are some precautions which you should keep in mind before performing Outlook PST compression. One of them is, you should compress Outlook PST files, which you are not going to use frequently in near future. If you use a file frequently then, you have to unzip it before, you make use of it.

Advantages of performing Outlook PST compression:

No doubt that, by performing Outlook PST compression you will gain memory space, Microsoft Outlook performance can be improved etc. Apart from this, you can easily transfer archived folder to some other location or storage device to give more space in Outlook folders storing new data to it. Once, you compress Outlook PST file then, it can’t be virus infected easily.

If you want to compress Outlook PST files by manual method then, it is not considered as an appropriate way. Hence, as said before that, there is a specialized tool to compress PST file named Remo MORE Software. This software is the reliable and powerful one to compress Outlook PST file with ease. It uses special algorithms for performing Outlook PST compression. It safely compress PST file without causing any damage or data loss.

It has unique features that make it special and different from others. You can search the location of file on your system with the help of browse option of this software. It uses a standard method to compress PST file. It can also compress Outlook PST file to a new archive type that is Rzip file type. You can also define the destination where you want to save the compressed PST file. Remo MORE Software has a special user interface that is completely free of cost which you can easily find from internet.

Steps to perform Outlook PST compression using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software to know how to compress Outlook PST. From the main screen, select “Manage” option and then choose “Compress & Burn” from next screen to compress PST Outlook.

Outlook PST Compression-Main Screen

Fig 1: Select Compress & Burn

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Step 2: Now, Select “Zip” option to Compress Outlook PST file and then from the next Window choose “Create New Rzip File”.

Outlook PST Compression- Select Create New RZip File

Fig 2: Select Create New RZip File

Step 3: From this screen, select browse tab and define the destination where your newly created compressed Outlook PST file should be saved. After that, you can select archive type and compression level. You can also set password for your Zip file from this screen once you finish Outlook PST compress process.

Outlook PST Compression - Set Path for ZIP File

Fig 3: Set Path for ZIP File

Step 4: From this screen, you have to choose PST file that you want to compress.

Outlook PST Compression - Add Outlook File and Click on Compress

Fig 4: Add Outlook File and Click on Compress

Step 5: once the compression is completed, you will get confirmation message.

Outlook PST Compression - Compression Completed

Fig 5: Compression Completed

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